Frequently Asked Questions About Gunstock Blanks

What is a Blank?

A blank is a block of wood from which a stock is made.

What is a Stock?

A stock is a semi-inletted piece of wood to fit a particular gun. We sell blanks exclusively. We do not sell any semi-inletted stocks.

Questions About the Wood

What types of gunstock wood do you carry?

We carry maple, myrtle and walnut (English, Claro, American Black, Bastogne, Circassian).

Where do you get your gunstock wood?

Most of the wood is procured from locations in Northern California and Oregon. Circassian walnut and Turkish walnut come from Persian Gulf countries.

Questions About Pricing and Payment

How much do your gunstock blanks cost?

“Asking the price of a blank is like asking the price of a car.  Pricing starts at $50 and goes up from there, depending on the grade, size and figure of the stock.

What is the return policy for your gunstock blanks?

If you are not pleased with the blank you have chosen, you may return it in its original condition and in a timely manner, for an exchange.

What about shipping costs?

Shipping costs are based on your location.  We ship all product via UPS from our warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What payment methods to you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, personal checks and money orders.

How to Purchase

If you are interested in purchasing a blank, please fill out this form.

Other Questions About our Gunstock Blanks

Do you provide samples?

We are unable to provide samples due to the size of the blanks and the associated shipping costs. However, we will photograph blanks and send you photos to review before you make a purchase.

Do you provide gunsmith services?

Cecil no longer performs gunsmith services. However, we may be able to refer you to a qualified gunsmith in your area.

Hey, I'm in Las Vegas! Can I come by and take a look around?

Sure! Give us a call and let us know when you want to swing by. 702-382-8470

How can I access stabilized maple burl blanks?

We sell maple burl blanks only. If you require stabilizing, we recommend that you contact Will Bohm Custom Guns, (517) 306-7859


Maple Solid Burl Gunstock Blanks
Maple Solid Burl Gunstock Blank

gunstock blank wood
A peek inside our gunstock blank operation!

Tiger Myrtle Gunstock Blank
Tiger Myrtle Gunstock Blank

gunstock blank wood source
Here is the world’s oldest living myrtle wood tree.

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