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If you are interested in purchasing a blank, please contact us via email or telephone to tell us the type of wood you want (maple, myrtle, walnut), whether it is a one piece or two piece blank, the type of gun, gauge or caliber and what your budget will allow you to spend. We will then send via email or snail mail, pictures of both sides of approximately 10 to 15 blanks. In doing so, you will get the piece of wood at the price you want to pay. We do not have a catalog as sending pictures of wood currently available has proven to work better than sending you an outdated catalog with pictures of wood that has long since been sold.

Please be prepared to give us the following information:

  • Species of wood
  • One or two piece stock
  • For two piece stocks, indicate straight or pistol grip
  • Type of gun
  • Gauge or caliber
  • Budget for the project